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Bill Proctor Speaks about Recent Executions

If you look closely at how America's criminal justice system applies the law you would cringe at the imbalance, the cruelty, the bias driven by racism and politics in too many decisions. Trump and his clown posy have provided the latest examples of how political statements often override compassion and common sense.

After 86 people were put to death during his bizarre term in office he now pushes the executions of seven more, with the Thursday killing of 40-year-old Brandon Bernard the beginning of his walking-out pouting flurry.

Only in recent decades has the country begun coming to terms with hundreds of wrongful convictions and imbalances in how we sentence offenders. Too often, we decide after an execution that the government-sanctioned killing was a mistake. It's time we took away the possibility of the death penalty from any arm of government. We need to right the entire criminal justice system before we unfairly destroy another life and those of countless families who suffer from government injustice.

Written by Bill Proctor

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