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Help Free Temujin Kensu

Temujin is Innocent and his clemency application is currently with Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Please copy the text below and paste it at the link below to urge review this case. Learn more about his case here: TEMUJIN KENSU

The #FreeTemujin campaign is going strong, however we need your help to make sure his story is heard.

We are asking the Governor to use her power of office to grant Temujin clemency.

Follow the steps below to help Free Temujin.


2. Copy this Message and Send it to the Governor.

Hello Governor Whitmer,

I am reaching out in hopes that you will use the power of your office to free innocent man, Temujin Kensu, who has been wrongfully imprisoned for 37 years.

The system has failed Temujin over the decades and he needs your help.



Want to write Temujin a letter?

Temujin Kensu 189355

Macomb Correctional Facility

34625 26 Mile Road

Lenox Township, MI 48048

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